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Changed your mind? You may switch to any other available unit at any time prior to lease signing. If the unit you’ve selected is unavailable for any reason you may, of course, switch to another unit or cancel your application.

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I hereby deposit $100.00 as earnest money to be refunded to me if this application is not accepted. Upon acceptance of this application, this deposit shall be retained as part of the security deposit. When so approved I agree to sign all lease documents and pay the remaining balance of my security deposit within 72 hours (3 days) of my application being accepted. I agree to execute a rental agreement for, or the full deposit ($500.00) will be forfeited as liquidated damages in payment for the agent’s time and effort in processing my inquiry and application, including making necessary investigation of my credit, rental history, character, and reputation. If this application is not approved and accepted by the owner or agent, the deposit will be refunded, the application hereby waiving any claim from damages by reason of no acceptance which the owner or his agent may reject without stating any reason for doing. I understand that the full deposit of $500.00 will be forfeited as liquidated damage in payment for the agent’s time and effort if I choose not to move in after this application has been accepted (approved).

By accepting the terms of this application, I represent and warrant the accuracy of the information, I authorize management to investigate my credit, character, rental history and all information listed on this application. I understand that by agreeing below I authorize a background check as investigation of my character.